Sherry McKelvie

Sherry is an entrepreneur running her own construction and generator business in Kampala, where she has been living for 25 years. Married, with two sons and four grandchildren, she loves to photograph birds and other wildlife in her spare time. Her garden, on the edge of a papyrus swamp, is constantly twittering with birds as is their family cottage on Bulago Island in Lake Victoria. She is a member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association and the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. She is also author of the “Birds in Uganda Guide”

Peter Hogel

I have lived in East Africa for the past 6 years, guiding and doing wildlife photography in Tanzania and Uganda. I have had a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife, insects being my specialty, combined with macro photography. Being in nature, studying, observing and enjoying has grown a profound love for wildlife photography and into guiding. I’ve been a professional photographer for 30 years based in Sweden. I have travelled the world but settled in Uganda.

Mark Dudley

I enjoyed photography since 2005, but I didn’t take it seriously until 2010, when I read an article about macrophotography by Judge Sherry McKelvie. Whilst my initial interest was in macro/micro photography, I have also meandered into Avian Photography.  I have written several articles and run a successful Facebook page. I love that photography gets me out into the wild and I am never more content than when observing nature, camera in hand.